Vibration investigation for telecom structures with smartphone camera: case studies

Ying Wang, James Brownjohn, Jose Alfonso Jiménez Capilla, Kaoshan Dai, Wensheng Lu, Ki Young Koo
2021 Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring  
AbstractTelecom structures such as high guyed masts are tall and flexible, so that not only the main structure but also the components (i.e., guy cable and antenna) suffer from vibrations induced by wind or earthquakes. The installation of contact inertial accelerometers for high guyed mast cables or antenna can be logistically challenging and the original vibration state may be influenced by these sensors. With convenient implementation and acceptable accuracy, computer vision technologies
more » ... been applied for vibration tests both in labs and field. In this paper, videos taken with smartphone cameras are processed to extract guy cable and antenna vibration information for telecom structures and, as a result, providing an efficient cost-effective method for vibration investigation of this type of structure. The video processing method can also be used in similar cases for other structures.
doi:10.1007/s13349-021-00478-9 fatcat:scmqil4og5cx5c7nex32embaym