Kanishka Varman N, Yogeshwar Chandrashekar, Prakash M.D
2017 Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare  
BACKGROUND Chronic otitis media is a common clinical condition seen by an otolaryngologist and is one of the leading causes for hearing impairment and ear discharge. It is a significant health problem in developing countries and every ENT surgeon should have thorough knowledge of its pathology, the risks and complications associated with it and the definitive management of such patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Aprospective study was conducted to study the characteristic clinical and audiological
more » ... al and audiological profile in 100 patients diagnosed with chronic otitis media of mucosal type. All the patients were evaluated with detailed history taking and thorough clinical examination along with audiological examination. RESULTS The results showed that out of 100 patients, most of them belonged to third decade of age and presented most commonly with ear discharge (91%), followed by decreased hearing (65%) and earache (29%). Most patients had a tympanic membrane perforation of medium size (72%), which often involved the anteroinferiorand posteroinferior quadrants. On comparing with audiological results, perforations involving the posterior quadrant were seen to have greater hearing loss than anterior quadrant perforations. CONCLUSION In this study, we observed that chronic otitis media of mucosal type occurs most commonly in middle-aged population with unilateral ear involvement as a common finding and ear discharge being the most common symptom. Pars tensa perforations of tympanic membrane were often medium sized with size of perforation directly proportional to the degree of hearing loss and perforations involving posterior quadrant had greater hearing loss than anterior quadrant. Therefore, early diagnosis by complete history taking and detailed clinical and audiological examination helps in timely intervention by surgical management, thereby improving the quality of life.
doi:10.18410/jebmh/2017/320 fatcat:yaz5r7tijve6fcwlew3ufnjxb4