The mechanism for the exclusion of sugars from the water in a model of the liveing cell: the ion-exchange resin: pore size or water structure?

G N Ling, A M Sobel
1975 Physiological chemistry and physics  
The equilibrium distribution coefficients (p-value) of D-arabinose between the water in sulfonate ion-exchange resin and the external aqueous solution vary with the nature of the five alkali metal counterions studied. The strongest exclusion (lowest p-value) is found in the Li+ resin and the least exclusion (highest p-value) in the Cs+ resin. The p-value decreases with the increasing atomic weights for the alkali-metal ions: pCs+ greater than or equal to pRb+ greater than or equal to pRb+
more » ... r than or equal to pK+ greater than pNa+ greater than pLi+. The water contents of these resins, on the other hand, vary in the opposite direction, being highest for the Li+ resin and lowest for the Cs+ resin. These data disprove the pore size theory but fully substantiate the predictions of the association-induction hypothesis.
pmid:1197383 fatcat:wuwwlnqdtjd2bosg75agvd3h4u