Analysis of the Chemical Constituents of Dry-Kiln Condensate and its Technological Recovery – Part 1: Volatile Extractives

Jörn Rathke, Daniel Stratev
2013 BioResources  
Europe the main species that are used for the production of sawn wood are spruce, pine, and European beech. After the sawing process, the sawn timber is technically dried to a certain moisture content by means of condensation drying. The water movement in the cellular structure, which is caused by the drying process, draws some of the extractives into solution. In the process of kiln drying, hot air evaporates the water and the dissolved extractives. Some of the water condenses on the floor and
more » ... es on the floor and the walls of the kiln, while the rest is blown out with the steam. Therefore, condensate was taken from the bottom of the kiln as well as from the energy recovery system. A chemical analysis by means of purge-and-trap showed the presence of volatiles that could be classified as typical for the wood materials from which they originated under the conditions of high temperature and high moisture content.
doi:10.15376/biores.8.4.5783-5793 fatcat:magqkaickfgopm5a62guuknaue