Quantum Fourier transform, Heisenberg groups and quasi-probability distributions

Manas K Patra, Samuel L Braunstein
2011 New Journal of Physics  
This paper aims to explore the inherent connection among Heisenberg groups, quantum Fourier transform and (quasiprobability) distribution functions. Distribution functions for continuous and finite quantum systems are examined first as a semiclassical approach to quantum probability distribution. This leads to studying certain functionals of a pair of "conjugate" observables, connected via the quantum Fourier transform. The Heisenberg groups emerge naturally from this study and we take a rapid
more » ... nd we take a rapid look at their representations. The quantum Fourier transform appears as the intertwining operator of two equivalent representation arising out of an automorphism of the group. Distribution functions correspond to certain distinguished sets in the group algebra. The marginal properties of a particular class of distribution functions (Wigner distributions) arise from a class of automorphisms of the group algebra of the Heisenberg group. We then study the reconstruction of Wigner function from the marginal distributions via inverse Radon transform giving explicit formulas. We consider applications of our approach to quantum information processing and quantum process tomography.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/13/6/063013 fatcat:uqtthr4d25aipp3hh672xf4rtq