Dynamic Mechanical Relaxation in LaCe-Based Metallic Glasses: Influence of the Chemical Composition

Minna Liu, Jichao Qiao, Qi Hao, Yinghong Chen, Yao Yao, Daniel Crespo, Jean-Marc Pelletier
2019 Metals  
The mechanical relaxation behavior of the (La0.5Ce0.5)65Al10(CoxCu1−x)25 at% (x = 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8) metallic glasses was probed by dynamic mechanical analysis. The intensity of the secondary β relaxation increases along with the Co/Cu ratio, as has been reported in metallic glasses where the enthalpy of mixing for all pairs of atoms is negative. Furthermore, the intensity of the secondary β relaxation decreases after physical aging below the glass transition temperature, which is
more » ... ure, which is probably due to the reduction of the atomic mobility induced by physical aging.
doi:10.3390/met9091013 fatcat:rrni47jzrvaotne72ivrpkis44