Fenomen wiodącej pozycji Google w branży wyszukiwania w ujęciu historycznym. Pośrednie czynniki sukcesu

2017 Zarządzanie Mediami  
THE PHENOMENON OF THE GOOGLE'S LEADING POSITION ON THE SEARCH MARKET IN A HISTORICAL APPROACH. INDIRECT SUCCESS FACTORS Google, once a student project, now a real empire of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) industry. Its power Google has built on the commercialization of information and the access to it. Its trailblazing project -the search engine, has ensured it nearly monopolistic position on the search market. Google its success on this marketplace does not owe only to the
more » ... not owe only to the creation of the very useful and functional information search tool; the influence on it has had many more indirect factors, which has foredoomed the fiasco of other offering the same product competitory corporations.
doi:10.4467/23540214zm.17.006.7295 fatcat:evhesxhaszhxrc55iatr3gkq7e