Aircraft Image Recognition Network Based on Hybrid Attention Mechanism

Yanfeng Wang, Yinan Chen, Runmin Liu, Tongguang Ni
2022 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
With the deepening of deep learning research, progress has been made in artificial intelligence. In the process of aircraft classification, the precision rate of aircraft picture recognition based on traditional methods is low due to various types of aircraft, large similarities between different models, and serious texture interference. In this article, the hybrid attention network model (BA-CNN) to implement an aircraft recognition algorithm is proposed to solve the above problems. Using
more » ... hannel ResNet-34 as a characteristic extraction function, the depth of network is increased to improve fine-grained characteristic extraction capability without increasing the output characteristic dimension. In the network to introduce a hybrid attention mechanism, respectively, between the residual units of two ResNet-34 channels, channel attention and spatial attention modules are added, more abundant mixed characteristics of attention are obtained, space and characteristics of the local characteristics of the channel response are focused, the characteristics of redundancy are reduced, and the fine-grained characteristics of learning ability are further enhanced. Trained and tested on FGVC-aircraft, a public fine-grained pictures dataset, the recognition precision rate of the BA-CNN networks model reached 89.2%. It can be seen from the experimental results, the recognition precision rate of the original model is improved effectively by using this method, and the recognition precision rate is higher than most of the existing mainstream aircraft recognition ways.
doi:10.1155/2022/4189500 pmid:35479608 pmcid:PMC9038415 fatcat:66jgedmsczgadaqmn7dyrvlrxu