Bosonization Approach to the One-Dimensional Kondo Lattice Model

Satoshi Fujimoto, Norio Kawakami
1994 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan  
The one-dimensional Kondo lattice model is investigated by using bosonization techniques and conformal field theory. In the half-filled band, the charge and spin gaps open for the anti-ferromagnetic Kondo coupling. Away from half-filling, the paramagnetic metallic state is characterized by the fixed point of Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid with the large Fermi surface in accordance with known results. It is suggested that as the electron density approaches half-filling, both of spin and charge susceptibilities may show a divergence property.
doi:10.1143/jpsj.63.4322 fatcat:b5ydf4rspbhxnkkuqj3yvutgwm