Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia associated with a marked increase in monoclonal IgM-.KAPPA.-type rheumatoid factor and serum CA19-9

Tohru TAKATA, Seiho NAGAFUCHI, Hiroko TSUDA, Kenji UEHIRA, Seiji KONDO, kira UEDA, Hiroshi ISHII, Yoshiyuki NIHO
1991 Japanese Journal of Medicine  
A 62-year-old Japanese female was admitted due to dyspnea. She showed a marked increase in 192,000 U/ml) and monoclonal IgM-zc type rheumatoid factor (RF) activity. The patient died of respiratory failure 3 months later. Autopsy findings revealed an infiltration of IgM-re -positive plasma cells in the pulmonary interstitium, and therefore a diagnosis of lymphoid interstitial pneumonia (LIP) was made. The bronchoepithelial cells were stained with monoclonal antibody-reactive with CA19-9antigen.
more » ... his is the first documented LIP, associated with a marked increase in monoclonal IgM-k type RF and CA19-9 intheserum.
doi:10.2169/internalmedicine1962.30.92 fatcat:65z6w6rjrnbgbktdklyrgjej6u