Nonuniform Granularity-Based Classification in Social Interest Detection

Wenjuan Shao, Qingguo Shen, Xianli Jin, Liaoruo Huang, Jingjing Chen
2017 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Social interest detection is a new computing paradigm which processes a great variety of large scale resources. Effective classification of these resources is necessary for the social interest detection. In this paper, we describe some concepts and principles about classification and present a novel classification algorithm based on nonuniform granularity. Clustering algorithm is used to generate a clustering pedigree chart. By using suitable classification cutting values to cut the chart, we
more » ... n get different branches which are used as categories. The size of cutting value is vital to the performance and can be dynamically adapted in the proposed algorithm. Experiments results carried on the blog posts illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. Furthermore, the results for comparing with Naive Bayes, k-nearest neighbor, and so forth validate the better classification performance of the proposed algorithm for large scale resources.
doi:10.1155/2017/5054825 fatcat:nqxx4ty57ra2voqzdkf4oqxsyu