Folk botanical nomenclature – between structured and non-structured lexis
Nomenclatura botanică populară – între lexic structurat și lexic nestructurat

Oana Zamfirescu
2017 Diacronia  
This article aims to investigate the status of folk botanical nomenclature from the perspective of the lexematic theory, a theory developed by Eugeniu Coseriu. The linguist believes that terminologies (folk and scientific) represent objective and conventional classifications that fall under the order of reality. They are a part of the non-structured lexis and not a part of the structured one. The features that situate this nomenclature in the non-structured lexis and ones that situate it in the
more » ... t situate it in the structured lexis are established on the basis of the material made available by various sources (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, different works containing plant names form our country). After the consultation of the sources, the conclusion is that folk plant names are situated at the border line between common language and scientific terminology. *
doi:10.17684/i5a70en fatcat:kk3kqds6mjfwzcl7miexgj4f2i