Effect of Spark Advance on a Gas Run Automotive Spark Ignition Engine

Md Ehsan
2010 Journal of Chemical Engineering  
Petrol engines can run on natural gas, with little modification. The combustion characteristics of natural<br />gas is different from that of petrol, which eventually affects the engine performance. The performance of a<br />typical automotive engine was studied running on natural gas, firstly at a constant speed for various loads<br />and then at a constant load for a range of speeds and results were compared with performance using petrol.<br />Variation of the spark advance, consisting of
more » ... , consisting of centrifugal and vacuum advance mechanisms, was<br />investigated. Results showed some reduction in power and slight fall of efficiency and higher exhaust<br />temperature, for natural gas. The air-fuel ratio for optimum performance was higher for gas than for petrol.<br />This variation in spark requirement is mainly due to the slower speed of flame propagation for natural gas.<br />For both the cases, the best power spark advance for natural gas was found to have higher values than<br />petrol. This issue needs to be addressed during retrofitting petrol engines for running on natural gas.<br /><br /><br />Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol.ChE 24 2006 42-49
doi:10.3329/jce.v24i0.5584 fatcat:fciidnt6pvd3rafckc67ldpkde