Hierarchical Motion-Compensated Frame Rate Up-Conversion Using Gaussian Pyramid and Guidance Motion Vector

Bumjun Park, Jechang Jeong, N. Mastorakis, V. Mladenov, A. Bulucea
2017 MATEC Web of Conferences  
This paper proposes fast and accurate frame rate up-conversion algorithm for both software and hardware. The proposed algorithm first construct Gaussian pyramid structure using 3×3 Gaussian mask. After constructing Gaussian pyramid, forward and backward unilateral motion estimation is implemented at the top level of the pyramid. Then, motion vector field that is obtained at the top level is projected onto the middle level and the bottom level of the pyramid with unilateral motion vector
more » ... tion vector refinement. Next, on the bottom level, we implement motion vector smoothing and proposed motion vector shifting with bilateral motion vector refinement. By shifting unilateral motion vector to bilateral motion vector, we could avoid generating holes and overlapped regions. Finally, we select final MV between forward and backward MVs according to their reliability. After all the processes, we interpolate new frames by using overlapped block motion compensation. Experimental results show that proposed algorithm is up to 80 times faster than conventional algorithm with 0.1dB peak signal-to-noise gain in average.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201712505001 fatcat:2opjnwygnjhxjl6buyljk3fziq