1920 The Lancet  
law for the ordinary patient who is, in addition, obliged to obtain a weekly renewal of his medical prescription. Five of these medical men, who appeared before the judicial tribunal of the Seine, pleaded respectively gout, an affection of the lungs, of the heart, of the nerves, and of the kidneys, along with the right to treat their own maladies themselves if they wished to do so. They were acquitted by the tribunal, which recognised the medical man's right to obtain medicaments wholesale, the
more » ... verdict running, " the doctor who treats himself does so in the exercise of his profession." PRECANCEROUS LESIONS OF THE VULVA. As the normal variations in the senile involution of the vulva after the menopause have received but little attention in anatomical and gynsecological literature Dr. F. J. Taussig,l visiting gynaecologist to the Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital, St. Louis, has made a careful study of the vulva in 100 women beyond the menopause, noting the age, number of children, age at menopause, general condition of the skin (dryness, elasticity, freckles, keratosis, nsevi, &c.), and the local genital condition (size of labia minora and clitoris, dryness, colour, elasticity, scars, presence of vaginal discharge, &c.). Apart from vulvar atrophy, all forms of which were encountered in the normal vulvar skin at this age, four distinct pathological conditions were found-viz., pruritus vulvse, kraurosis vulvse, leukoplakic vulvitis, and carcinoma. tion of the British
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)18270-x fatcat:yrca27sa2zborkdth4mzppzxra