100 Jahre musikalische Rezeptionsforschung. Ein Rückblick in die Zukunft [article]

Heiner Gembris, Leibniz Institut Für Psychologische Information Und Dokumentation (ZPID)
This paper characterises the beginnings and current state of reception research and thus concerns the history of science. In particular, it addresses the central issues and methodological approaches of reception research. The author states that initially there were not only experimental and quantitative, but also empirically oriented qualitative and phenomenological research traditions. Although in the course of time, cognitivistic and experimental approaches prevailed, some examples from
more » ... examples from recent research demonstrate that the cognitivistic-experimental research often lacks practical relevance. The author suggests several ways to increase the practical relevance and ecological validity of musical reception research. Among those are the stronger consideration of the situational context of music listening and sensory-motor processes, an increased variety of research methods, a decrease of importance of the experimental paradigm, and a stronger link of research questions to everyday-life issues. Finally, it is argued that reception research requires a historical perspective in order to become aware of its own development and to reconstruct the time and culture specific changes in musical reception.
doi:10.23668/psycharchives.3337 fatcat:36lmhxxfc5fx3gc5edyok2avry