Institutions - Industry – Society Collaborative Learning Bring Success in Engineering Education in India

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Education is one which is the continuous event which shifts the people or whole society from the dark to light. From the past few decades' education and educational methods made drastic changes in our real life. Teaching and learning process has been made enormous growth in our society. Engineering education is literally different from the general teaching learning scenario. In this world, whatever we are seeing, feeling and experiencing all except the belongings from the nature are invented or
more » ... ure are invented or innovated by engineering education. In the beginning of the era we are unaware about engineering background also we are not finding answers for the basic questions which are raised in our day to day life like why? how? what? when and where etc. But the engineering has proven that all uncertainties to the world even though which are not close to the imagination. This growth happened in Indian engineering is not up to comparable with worldwide growth. It is very clearly indicate that till we have to improve many things in our education systems. Even though we are competent to produce multiple lakhs of engineers per year, they are not qualified for availing the job directly. Many engineers are just fit in the job but that jobs are not relevant to their qualifications. Even though we are following our own systems as well as western education system which will not satisfied our needs.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.f1315.0986s319 fatcat:scplwky7ajayri3fikl7uyteyi