Formulation and Evaluation of in Situ Gel Containing Rosuvastatin in the Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed, A. Acharya, R. Chaudhari, K. Panicker, R. Reddy
2015 Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  
Objective: The main objective of present study was to formulate and evaluate methyl cellulose based in situ gel of rosuvastatin for the treatment of periodontal diseases. Methods: The rosuvastatin in situ gel was prepared by using different concentration of methyl cellulose as gel base and gel was evaluated for pH, viscosity, rheology, drug content, syringeability, spreadability, drug release and drug release kinetics studies. Results: Compatibility study was performed using FT-IR and results
more » ... FT-IR and results showed there was no interaction between drug and other excipients. Viscosity of all formulations was found in the range of 320-590 centipoise and all formulations exhibited shear thinning pseudoplastic behaviour. Gelation time and o o temperature was found in the range of 2-15 min and 26 C-39 C respectively. All the formulation except formulation F6, F7 and G8 passed syringeabilitytest, as these formulations easily gets expelled from the syringe. An in vitro release study was conducted using 1.2 pH buffer for 8 hours and results showed that formulation F5 containing 0.9% methyl cellulose was considered as optimum formulation as it released 54.33% drug at the end 8 hours. In vitro release study revealed that release rate of drug from the in situ gel was concentration dependent; as concentration of methyl cellulose increased the drug release rate was retarded. Conclusion:Thus, it can be concluded that formulation F5 containing 0.9%w/v of methyl cellulose as gel base was considered as an optimized formulation, as it release drug in sustain manner in the treatment of periodontal diseases. * rosuvastatin Insitu gel of Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed et al. Characterization of in situ gels: The various characterization studies like appearance, clarity, gelling capacity, pH, drug content, viscosity, spreadability and syringeability was determined and the data is given in Table 3 . Appearance: Formulations F1-F4 containing low concentration of methyl cellulose 0.5%-0.9% were clear, as the concentration of methylcellulose was increased from * rosuvastatin Insitu gel of Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed et al. % Drug release pH * rosuvastatin Insitu gel of Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed et al.
doi:10.18579/jpcrkc/2015/14/2/79082 fatcat:bxcfud7n2nfobo4fzsuohmhhkq