An assessment approach for non-governmental organizations in humanitarian relief logistics and an application in Turkey

2015 Technological and Economic Development of Economy  
The ever-increasing natural disasters have been causing the loss of lives, properties and resources. By the preparedness and response ability of non-governmental organizations, it is aimed to minimize these losses. In this paper, first, the critical success factors of humanitarian relief logistics management operations are determined and categorized. Then, by considering these factors, a hybrid method that consists of trapezoidal interval type-2 fuzzy sets, AHP and TOPSIS, is proposed to
more » ... proposed to evaluate emergency preparedness and response ability performance of non-governmental relief organizations. The proposed hybrid method is applied for non-governmental relief organizations in Turkey to evaluate their performance, and to the factors need to be improved for each determined organization.
doi:10.3846/20294913.2015.1056277 fatcat:mfm2gbfo6fd3bgtug2z4df5gwq