XV. Sir Henry Sydney to Arthur lord Grey, Lord Deputy of Ireland; how to proceed in his Government of that kingdom

1847 Camden Old Series  
I doe remember, my verry good lord, that I wrought unto you I would by Auditor Jenison w right more at large, whose comminge hether to me put me in remembraunce of the same. And now, my lord, in satisfaction of your requests, and easynge of my desirous mynde of your happie success in that unhappie countrie, in the lovingest manner that I canne, I sende unto your lordship theis notes followinge ; which if I shold laye downe as principles of government to your lordshippe I might well be likened
more » ... the puttock that taught the faulcon to flie; or, if I shold wright unto you any instructions for martiall dessines or actions, I might well be scorned with that scholler that offred to reade to Hanibale de arte militari. But nowe to beginne, and that with Godde Almightie. As I knowe you are relidgious, so I wishe your lordshippe to frequent sermons and praier in publique places ; it would comforte the fewe protestants you have there, and abashe the papistes, whereof you have many. Have speciall regarde to the helthe of your bodie ; be not withoute a phisitian of your owne, and he of this land's birthe; and as you have ben alwaies delighted in vertuous and noble exercises, so what busines soever you have, use wekely some daies, or rather dailie some howers, to continewe the same ; otherwise ye shall bothe dull your sprights, and make your bodie unable to serve. Provide carfull and bowlde officirs for your howshold; and put on a determinacion to live within the compass of your allowance, wherin I wishe you to make a patterne of other men rather than of me ; who by spending there (and yet in truthe not prodigalie) am forced to spoile my patrimonie heere, with what reward or thank I knowe your lordship cannot be ignorant; andlettone of the princepall officers of your howshold have a care for the collection of your cesse for the same. And now, ut tino verbo dicam, never agree withowte cesse, for if you take money, it wilbe made a greate matter heere, and yet not serve your tome their. Trust me, o my lord, this one perticuler was the thinge that chefely brack my backe, which I only released to bringe the people more wiling to advaunce the revenewe of the crowne ; and so I did, * Four times lord justice and three times lord deputy.
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