Trypsin loss at the ileum of calves fed milk replacers containing legume protein

JP Lallès, R. Toullec
1994 Annales de Zootechnie  
JP Lallès, R Toullec INRA, Laboratoire du Jeune Ruminant, 65, rue de Saint-Brieuc, 35042 Rennes cedex, France Two experiments were conducted on 6 and 5 2-3-month-old calves fitted with a re-entrant ileal cannula (table I). Calves were fed 58-60 gDM/ kg 0 . 75 /cj of milk substitute diets containing 22 (exp
doi:10.1051/animres:19940330 fatcat:u6vsk5s3iffvxfg7q7exlh6gpa