Generation of AGM-derived Akt-EC (AGM-EC) [post]

Tessa Dignum, Barbara Varnum-Finney, Stacey Dozono, Brandon Hadland
2020 unpublished
During murine embryonic development, the first hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) emerge within the major arterial vasculature, including the aorta-gonad-mesonephros (AGM) region. Throughout their emergence and subsequent maturation, HSCs retain a close physical association with the surrounding endothelial cell layer, suggesting that signaling interactions between HSC and the surrounding vascular niche may play an integral role in HSC development. Indeed, we have previously shown that co-culture
more » ... n that co-culture with AGM-derived endothelial cells (AGM EC) engineered to constitutively express Akt (AGM Akt-EC) is sufficient to mature non-engrafting HSC precursors from hemogenic endothelium to fully functional HSCs1-3. Here, we describe how to generate these AGM Akt-EC cells for use in co-culture experiments, providing detailed instructions from the isolation of AGM EC from embryonic tissues, to their infection with the PGK.myr-AKT lentivirus and subsequent characterization by flow cytometry.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.pex-986/v1 fatcat:fn5te424oze4fomqispqruxsce