Formal translations and Szilard languages

H.P. Kriegel, H.A. Maurer
1976 Information and Control  
One of the methods for defining translations is the so called syntax-directed translation scheme which can be interpreted as a pair of rather similar grammars with the productions working in parallel. Because of the similarity of the grammars each of the two grammars "fits" the other in the sense that for each derivation process in one grammar leading to a terminal word the corresponding derivation process in the other grammar also leads to a terminal word. For many practical applications it
more » ... fices to consider the case that one of the grammars fits the other, but not necessarily conversely. Investigating this idea, translations are obtained which are more powerful than the syntax-directed. It is shown that one can determine whether a given grammar fits another given grammar. As a by-product, it is established that the containment problem for Szitard languages is decidable.
doi:10.1016/s0019-9958(76)90341-7 fatcat:gp3msjpstjdcbchkjp6f5qvuay