Design Optimization of Redundantly Actuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robots for Automated Warehouse System

Fei Zhang, Weiwei Shang, Bin Zhang, Shuang Cong
2020 IEEE Access  
This study focuses on the optimization of the geometry configurations and mobile platform parameters of redundantly actuated cable-driven parallel robots (RA-CDPRs) for automated warehouse system (AWS). Owing to their potential structural advantages, RA-CDPRs are proposed to replace conventional stackers in AWS, to achieve a high payload mass and low cable tension in frequent automated retrieval/storage operations. To meet these operational requirements, the maximal payload criterion satisfying
more » ... riterion satisfying the wrench-feasible condition is used to determine the optimal geometry configuration. Based on the optimal geometry configuration, the minimal cable tension is designed as the other criterion for optimizing the mobile platform parameters of RA-CDPRs. The optimization method is validated on a 6-DOF RA-CDPR, and the optimal results are simulated and implemented under static equilibrium conditions. Both the simulation and experimental results verify the optimal results can significantly enhance the payload mass and decrease the cable tension of AWS. INDEX TERMS Cable-driven parallel robots, geometry configuration selection, optimization design, automated warehouse system.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2981546 fatcat:6a72xh5msbgxnocrabruveae3i