Coding Techniques using IDMA OFDM MIMO for Underwater Wireless Acoustic Communication

2020 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
Future Underwater communication demands high speed data transmission. Present Underwater communication can only provide a limited data rate, where the available bandwidth is limited. To increase the data rate, we simulate the MIMO-OFDM with IDMA technique. In MIMO method many transmitter and many receiver antennas are present. MIMO method offer a very high capacity which raises linearly with the numeral of antennas. Data rate increases with MIMO method, bandwidth is saved and fading is reduced
more » ... fading is reduced with OFDM. In OFDM technique the complete sign orthogonally overlays in a frequency field that secures the bandwidth. IDMA system is constructed on interleaving procedure. In this paper different coding techniques Convolutional, RS code, LDPC code, Turbo code with IDMA OFDM MIMO technique are compared. IDMA OFDM MIMO with Turbo code, BER performance is improved up to 10-6 .
doi:10.35940/ijrte.e7011.018520 fatcat:cdal5665fza3jct3eeae53olx4