Coating of polymeric substrate catalysts on metallic surfaces

H. Hosseini, A. Mehrabani-Zeinabad
2010 Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly  
This article presents results of a study on coating of a polymeric substrate catalyst on metallic surface. Stability of coating on metallic surfaces is a proper specification. Sol-gel technology was used to synthesize adhesion promoters of polysilane compounds that act as a mediator. The intermediate layer was coated by synthesized sulfonated polystyrene-divinylbenzene as a catalyst for production of MTBE in catalytic distillation process. Swelling of catalyst and its separation from the metal
more » ... ion from the metal surface was improved by i) increasing the quantity of divinylbenzene in the resin's production process and ii) applying adhesion promoters based on the sol-gel process. The rate of ethyl silicate hydrolysis was intensified by increasing the concentration of utilized acid while the condensation polymerization was enhanced in the presence of OH -. Sol was formed at pH 2, while the pH should be 8 for the formation of gel. By setting the ratio of the initial concentrations of water to ethyl silicate to 8, the gel formation time was minimized.
doi:10.2298/ciceq100420033h fatcat:rcw4vdmj7rcvzmdqolqh7oipla