Morphotectonic implication of the Paleoproterozoic Mid-Lithuanian Suture Zone

2017 Geological Quarterly  
1 Na ture Re search Cen tre, Akademijos 2, LT-08412 Vilnius, Lith u a nia 2 Lith u a nian Geo log i cal Sur vey, Konarskio 35, LT-03123 Vilnius, Lith u a nia 3 Vilnius Uni ver sity, De part ment of Ge ol ogy and Min er al ogy, M.K. Èiurlionio 21/27, LT-03101 Vilnius, Lith u a nia Šliaupa, S., Satkñnas, J., Motuza, G., ŠliaupienÅ, R., 2017. Morphotectonic im pli ca tion of the Paleoproterozoic Mid-Lith u anian Su ture Zone. Geo log i cal Quar terly, 61 (3): 590-601, doi: 10.7306/gq.1366 The
more » ... proterozoic Mid-Lith u a nian Su ture Zone rep re sents one of the ma jor struc tures of the crys tal line base ment of Lithu a nia, sep a rat ing the West Lith u a nian and the East Lith u a nian do mains. This zone has shown per sis tently low tec tonic ac tiv ity dur ing the Phanerozoic. The Mid-Lith u a nian Su ture Zone is marked by a dis tinct Mid dle Lith u a nian top o graphic low un der lain by a trough in the sub-Qua ter nary sur face that sug gests the morphotectonic na ture of this de pres sion. This is supported by high-pre ci sion geo detic lev el ling data that has un rav elled the sub si dence trend of the Mid dle Lith u a nian trough. The zone is also dis tinct in its pat tern of top o graphic lin ea ments. The per sis tence of the tec tonic ac tiv ity of the Mid-Lith u a nian Su ture Zone sug gests that it rep re sents a large-scale me chan i cal bound ary of the Earth's crust, re sult ing in in creased ac cumu la tion of tec tonic strain. Key words: morphotectonic, Mid-Lith u a nian su ture zone, Paleoproterozoic base ment, Qua ter nary, tec tonic in her i tance.
doi:10.7306/gq.1366 fatcat:jyj6ftfihbcxtjflndwk2sxdfu