Estimation of Galactic model parameters in high latitudes with 2MASS

A. Cabrera-Lavers, S. Bilir, S. Ak, E. Yaz, M. López-Corredoira
2006 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
In this paper, we try to find any dependence of the Galactic structural parameters with the Galactic longitude for either the thin disc or the thick disc of the Milky Way, that would indicate to possible inhomogeneities or asymmetries in those Galactic components. Galactic model parameters obtained using a set of 36 high-latitude fields with 2MASS photometry for the different fields show that, effectively, they are Galactic longitude-dependent. The thick disc scaleheight changes from 800 pc at
more » ... 50 deg < l < 230 deg to 1050 pc at |l| < 30 deg. A plausible explanation for this finding might be the effect of the flare in this Galactic component that changes the scaleheight with Galactocentric distance
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20066475 fatcat:5h6dswwpozghvfvsjdskxdyaju