Vibration and Its Effects on the Body

Halim Issever, Cihan Aksoy, Hilmi Sabuncu, Ayse Karan
2003 Medical Principles and Practice  
Objectives: To assess the effects of machine-induced vibration on workers and to determine effective precautions for vibration-induced trauma. Subjects and Methods: The study group consisted of 114 workers who were randomly selected: 50 rock drill workers and 64 truck heavy vehicle operators. Fifty-four office workers were designed as controls. The study and control groups were age-matched. All subjects were interviewed to determine subjective symptoms using a 38-item questionnaire designed by
more » ... nnaire designed by the Medical Committee of Vibration Disease, Japanese Association of Industrial Health. Results: The complaints of pain in the fingers, sensitivity to cold, numbness and pain of fingers at night, weakness of static position, wrist-elbow pain, difficulty in bending and stretching elbow, pain in shoulder when holding up arms, lower back pain, sleeping disturbance and hearing difficulty were significantly higher in rock drillers than heavy vehicle operators and office workers (p ! 0.05-0.01). Conclusion: Permanent vibration exposures cause negative physical effects that may lead to occupational diseases. In order to be protected against whole-body and hand-arm vibrations, technical and medical measures must be taken into account.
doi:10.1159/000068155 pmid:12566966 fatcat:fvx2uacvvncazov3f4lrgeguim