Textures of Sheet in AA3003 Aluminum Alloy Under Biaxial Stretching

X. Y. Wen, W. B. Lee
2000 Textures and Microstructures  
In this paper, the textures are determined under plane strain tension, nonequi-biaxial stretching and equi-biaxial stretching. The changes of the major texture components in the sheet are analyzed and discussed. It is found that under plane strain tension, the strength of the {110}〈112〉 component increases by more than four times followed by the {110}〈111〉, whereas the fraction of {112}〈111〉 component falls gradually. In the sample deformed with a strain ratio intermediate between these of
more » ... tween these of plane strain tension and equibiaxial stretching, the textural change is relatively small. Under equi-biaxial stretching, there is a big increase in the {110} rolling plane components with the peak at {110}〈111〉 orientation. The strength of the other components falls rapidly (e.g. {110}〈112〉) or remains low (e.g. {112}〈111〉).
doi:10.1155/tsm.34.217 fatcat:ngwzgw7hh5bsfosklkdph42hcu