Automatic computing methods for special functions. Part II. The exponential integral En(x)

Irena A. Stegun, Ruth Zucker
1974 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section B Mathematical Sciences  
Acc urat e, a utom ati c, e ffi cie nt me thods for co mputin g the e xpone nti a l int egral E"(x) a re de tail ed and imp lemente d in a n Amer ican N atio nal Standard FORTRA N p rogra m. The drive r progra m a nd tes t res ults a re al so in c lude d . Ke y words: Co mputer progra ms; continued frac tion; e xpon e nti a l integra l; ke y va lu es; rec urrence re lation.
doi:10.6028/jres.078b.025 fatcat:lugbv6vl6jfzhafue42vu6zl5u