The Gap between Mind and World in Mind and World Remains

Chung-I. Lin
2013 Open Journal of Philosophy  
In Mind and World, McDowell endorses: empirical thoughts should be justified, ultimately, by things they are about; and, that empirical thoughts are immediately about their ultimate justifiers. But, it also holds two other views: first, as we relate our empirical judgments to their credentials, we ultimately rely on experience, despite its fallibility; second, our empirical judgments are about things in the external world. These views appear inconsistent with one another. McDowell's way of
more » ... owell's way of accommodating the seeming inconsistency appeals to the idea of conceptuality of experience and the holism of the conceptual. Mainly by an argument from false experience, I demonstrate that the conceptual resources relevant to McDowell's idea of the conceptuality of experience fall short of delivering the accommodation he promises.
doi:10.4236/ojpp.2013.32044 fatcat:w37hdep4c5g7rf3xdsghxrknvq