KAMPUNG NAGA: Sebuah Representasi Arsitektur sebagai Bagian dari Budaya

Luluk Maslucha
2011 El Harakah  
In this article, the writer tries to study architecture as a cultural product of a certain society because architecture is a representation of social life in eneral and individual. Therefore, studying architecture cannot be separated from the three basic elements, that is, concept, method, and performance. All of them are unified in value, need, and physical performance. Architecture is a part of culture composed from each element of culture itself and includes in the cultural system. The
more » ... l system. The cultural elements included in architecture are concept, thought and rules, attitude and behavior as a social system. Both cultural system and social system build architecture as artefactual physical performance. The simplicity of Kampung Naga architecture shows the great value of the societys culture that is represented in its elements. Kampung Naga architecture also shows beauty coming from simplicity and humbleness. Beauty can appear from something parametrical or measurable and those non parametrical and immeasurable. Measurable things may be able to be seen physically, but the unmeasureable can only be felt. Architecture influenced by culture with its whole elements can raise behaviour patterns. Therefore, architecture should be built with the base and spirit of great culture to build great behaviour.
doi:10.18860/el.v1i1.421 fatcat:kkyg4sv32fg4dj7hziabwws67u