Design Limitations, Errors and Hazards in Creating Decision Support Platforms with Large- and Very Large-Scale Data and Program Cores

Elias Koukoutsis, Constantin Papaodysseus, George Tsavdaridis, Nikolaos V. Karadimas, Athanasios Ballis, Eirini Mamatsi, Athanasios Rafail Mamatsis
2020 Algorithms  
Recently, very large-scale decision support systems (DSSs) have been developed, which tackle very complex problems, associated with very extensive and polymorphic information, which probably is geographically highly dispersed. The management, updating, modification and upgrading of the data and program core of such an information system is, as a rule, a very difficult task, which encompasses many hazards and risks. The purpose of the present work was (a) to list the more significant of these
more » ... ificant of these hazards and risks and (b) to introduce a new general methodology for designing decision support (DS) systems that are robust and circumvent these risks. The core of this new approach was the introduction of a meta-database, called teleological, on the base of which management, updating, modification, reduction, growth and upgrading of the system may be safely and efficiently achieved. The very same teleological meta-database can be used for the construction of a sound decision support system, incorporating elements of a previous one at a future stage.
doi:10.3390/a13120341 fatcat:rxmkrb3qhnhzhiqarrvxgtiqfu