Cohort Profile: Chinese Color Nest Project [post]

Siman Liu, Zhe Zhang, Ning Yang, Qing Zhang, Quan Zhou, Xi-Nian Zuo
2020 unpublished
The ongoing CCNP was established to plot normative growth curves for brain structure and function across the human lifespan, and link age-related changes in brain imaging measures with psycho-behavioral functions at the behavioral, cognitive and emotional levels using an accelerated longitudinal design. It comprises three phases: developmental CCNP (devCCNP: 6-20 years), standardizing CCNP (stdCCNP: 20-60 years) and aging CCNP (ageCCNP: 60-90 years). The devCCNP started in 2013 and has
more » ... 13 and has successfully acquired CCNP-SWU data with three repeated measurements ( the trial stage of devCCNP), and accumulated CCNP-CAS baseline data (the second stage of devCCNP). CCNP-SWU consists of 201 age-sex stratified schoolchildren at enrollment (100 children followed up for 2.5 years at 1.25-year intervals) while CCNP-CAS has been recruiting participants since July 2018, and has collected data from 133 eligible children so far. A T1-weighted MRI and two resting functional MRI scans were acquired across three waves in CCNP-SWU with the same imaging protocols on a Siemens Trio 3T scanner at Southwest University in Chongqing, China. CCNP-SWU obtained longitudinal biophysical, social, behavioral and cognitive data via parent-reported questionnaires, self-reported questionnaires, behavioral assessment, as well as E-Prime computer tasks. Data were collected on the impact of COVID-19 on children's learning and daily life from 46 children between March and May 2020. Children's emotional states during COVID-19 pandemic were also measured. Data are accessed by researchers and collaborators of CCNP upon agreement with the principal investigator.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:gsz73bajavbddm5kcwlizxawuu