Thermal Simulation and Sonoporation Experiment Based on a Focused Ultrasonic System

Zihong Liu, Hui You, Ping Zhang, Ronghui Lin, Yongjia Chang
2020 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
This paper aims at analyzing ultrasonic thermal effect and sonoporation based on a focused ultrasonic experiment system. The numerical analysis, about cavitaion conditions and ultrasonic thermal effect using the coupling model of pressure acoustic and bioheat transfer, were given, in which the temperature rise trend is identical to the conclusion in the literature [2] . According to the simulation analysis of ultrasonic thermal effect, temperature rise is approximately 18.5K near the focal spot
more » ... with Ultrasonic radiation for 60s, which had little effect on 293T cell viability. In the acoustic chemical experiment, 293T cell viability is about 85% at 60s of the ultrasound irradiation, which was observed by 200× fluorescence microscope. The cell states of survival and abnormal was observed and analyzed in the sonoporation experiment at 60s of ultrasonic time.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/739/1/012037 fatcat:5xn26nkgcncfnntjf2ljyl4sui