Room temperature conductance switching in a molecular iron(iii) spin crossover junction

SK Karuppannan, A Martín-Rodríguez, E Ruiz, P Harding, DJ Harding, X Yu, Anton Tadich, B Cowie, Dongchen Qi, CA Nijhuis
Herein, we report the first room temperature switchable Fe(iii) molecular spin crossover (SCO) tunnel junction. The junction is constructed from [Fe (qsal-I) ]NTf (qsal-I = 4-iodo-2-[(8-quinolylimino)methyl]phenolate) molecules self-assembled on graphene surfaces with conductance switching of one order of magnitude associated with the high and low spin states of the SCO complex. Normalized conductance analysis of the current-voltage characteristics as a function of temperature reveals that
more » ... e transport across the SCO molecule is dominated by coherent tunnelling. Temperature-dependent X-ray absorption spectroscopy and density functional theory confirm the SCO complex retains its SCO functionality on the surface implying that van der Waals molecule—electrode interfaces provide a good trade-off between junction stability while retaining SCO switching capability. These results provide new insights and may aid in the design of other types of molecular devices based on SCO compounds. III 2 2
doi:10.26181/6098d7e07cf6b fatcat:6czzu45qivagdb4qsshrexxvk4