Device and Method for Measuring Volume in Receptacles for Storing Wine

Castañeda L, Sección de Estudios de Posgrado e Investigación de la Escuela Superior de Medicina, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Plan de San Luis yDíaz Mirón S/N, Casco de Santo Tomás, Cd. de México, México, C. P. 11340
2021 Journal of Physics & Optics Sciences  
This study is on the design and method of a volume measuring device installed inside a box used to store liquids mainly wine. Current devices that store wine in boxes have inside these boxes, inner boxes regularly made of rigid cardboard and a sealed plastic receptacle, which has an outlet tap to serve the wine. The device is focused on being used in the new wine packaging in a cardboard box. The measuring device is placed at the bottom of the wine dispenser box and displays a measurement of
more » ... volume of the wine even in the box via a measurement tower. The wine storage box contains inside: the device located at the bottom of the box containing the wine (i.e., the liquid), and the plastic container containing the wine above our measuring device. The measuring device will feel the weight of the current wine content in the plastic container and will automatically move a signal indicating the level of the liquid even in the plastic container. The measurement will be visible from the outside of the box by the consumer, the device is included by a receptacle or sealed bag connected to the measurement tower. The weight measurement receptacle is sealed and made of a material with a leak-resistant layer, and which is usually irregularly oval and is filled with at least one form of gas or air and where the packing layer is shaped to fill the bottom of the container and it is placed under the bag for storage and shipping. As the pressure of the liquid weight changes, the receptacle reacts by moving a measuring marker that reflects such changes, thus measuring the current volume of the liquid in the shipping box. There are numerous patents for measuring liquids, particularly for wine, and then we present several of these patents that are the most relevant to our case
doi:10.47363/jpsos/2021(3)145 fatcat:z34rt32obzamhbtjhalwr7iafe