Andy Prasetyo, Narlidya Ariapuri
2018 Zenodo  
In modern times computers and laptops have roles that are very useful for human life, such as making it easir to do tasks using available applications and features and doing various businesses. Most business owners use computers or laptops to conduct their business because they are more effective and efficient. By reason of not much risk, shorten the time and decisions faster. For example, most business owner such us cafe, minimarkets, or marketing make a cashier system with the aim to
more » ... the aim to facilitate the recapitulation of the results of consumer transactions or produce evidence of consumer transactions. Cashier program or cashier system becomes an activity that cannot be separated from daily life, especially in the business world. Every registrasion in it requires accurate calculations so that the cashier's own management is always there and included in the installations of the relevant agency. Ranging from marketing, investment to administration. The results of the cashier system calculation using code blocks make cashier management more effective and efficient in its use and processing data can be done automatically. And became the best model in processing all administration in various aspect.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2266725 fatcat:lqtvin3tlfghbcjhrdhvmdgqgi