Corrective Control by Line Switching for Relieving Voltage Violations Based on A Three-Stage Methodology

Zhengwei Shen, Yong Tang, Jun Yi, Changsheng Chen, Bing Zhao, Guangru Zhang
2019 Energies  
An online line switching methodology to relieve voltage violations is proposed. This novel online methodology is based on a three-stage strategy, including screening, ranking, and detailed analysis and assessment stages for high speed (online application) and accuracy. The proposed online methodology performs the tasks of rapidly identifying effective candidate lines, ranking the effective candidates, performing detailed analysis of the top ranked candidates, and supplying a set of solutions
more » ... set of solutions for the power system. The post-switching power systems, after executing the proposed line switching action, meet the operational and engineering constraints. The results provided by the exact Alternating Current (AC) power flow are used as a benchmark to compare the speed and accuracy of the proposed three-stage methodology. One feature of the methodology is that it can provide a set of high-quality switching solutions from which operators may choose a preferred solution. The effectiveness of the proposed online line switching methodology in providing single-line switching and multiple-line switching solutions to relieve voltage violations is evaluated on the IEEE 39-bus and 2746-bus power system. The CPU time of the proposed methodology compared with that under AC power flow constitutes a speed-up of 9905.32% on a 2746-bus power system, showing good potential for online application in a large-scale power system.
doi:10.3390/en12071206 fatcat:dvxriejpmjhilfexyoosgmlaim