Application of Ge Nanowire for Two-Input Bistable Nanoelectromechanical Switch

Jana ANDZANE, Juris PRIKULIS, Raimonds MEIJA, Jelena KOSMACA, Subhajit BISWAS, Justin D HOLMES, Donats ERTS
2013 Medžiagotyra  
Recently, several research groups presented bistable two-terminal nanoelectromechanical switches based on individual single-clamped active element. All presented devices had one input electrode. Similar devices having two or more input electrodes have not been yet investigated. In this work we present the two-input bistable controlled nanoelectromechanical switch based on an individual single-clamped Ge nanowire. The switch is realised using in-situ SEM technique and operating due to balancing
more » ... g due to balancing of electrostatic, adhesion and elastic forces. The operation conditions of the device are investigated and presented. The advantages and drawbacks of the device are discussed.
doi:10.5755/ fatcat:dkinoxfawbavhoxywjhc7vjyti