Synthesis of silver nanocubes and application in SERS

Quyen, T.T.B., Thien, D.V.H.
2016 Can Tho University Journal of Science  
This work describes a rapid route to prepare monodispersed silver nanocubes. By adding a trace amount of sodium tetrahydridoborate and hydrochloric acid to the conventional polyon synthesis, the reaction time was significantly shortened from 16-26 h to 4-5 h, increasing both the rate of production and uniformly the shape of monodispersed nanocubes of 40; 60 and 70 nm in size. The synthesized Ag nanocubes have been characterized by UV-vis, TEM, and XRD. Our results show that the SERS technique
more » ... able to detect Rd3B within wide concentration range, i.e. 10 -14 -10 -8 M, with lower limit of detection (LOD) being 10 -14 M. It demonstrates that the Ag nanocubes have potential applications in SERS for the detection of biomolecules and biomarkers (or dye molecules) to early detection and diagnosis of cancers or serious diseases.
doi:10.22144/ctu.jen.2016.042 fatcat:r4slyk3uj5dtvlmfu4ypcwdlca