Mobile Environmental Sensing and Sustainable Public Transportation Using ICT Tools

E. Xhafka, J. Teta, E. Agastra
2015 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
Intelligent transportations system is a complex information and communication technologies platform aimed for a better and cost effectiveness public transport organization. Our intent is to extend the basic of intelligent transportations system for the improvement of local transportation in marginal areas for suitable links with the existing network system. These tools are characterized by low cost if compared with the potential impact in improving direct and indirect transportation efficiency.
more » ... The information and communication technologies mobile platform will have a double nature: on the one hand, it will be capable of gathering environmental data in realtime and at regular intervals serving as moving environmental city sensors. Information such as temperature, noise, humidity, gas levels, road conditions, and dust particle concentration can all be reported and analyzed. On the other hand, the platform will provide services to passengers such as internet/intranet access, through these connection resources, exploiting wisely a multi standard (3G cellular networks, WiFi networks) gateway. In exploring solutions to those challenges a balanced dual 3G mobile providers connectivity combined with a private WiFi network will be used for balanced data traffic and uninterruptable internet service for passengers. The same information and communication technologies platform is the aim of a basic intelligent transportations system platform and telematics fleet management.
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.128.b-122 fatcat:3hfpweb64nampeqyps6cmvzbfa