Consideration on disseminating local cultural information using SNS - a case study in Kurokawa area,Noto-cho,Ishikawa prefecture -

Shoko TERAO, Misato HORII, Hiroshi HORII, Manabu TERAGUTI
2019 Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi  
中谷家住宅を利用して地域活性化や交流活動を行っているが,文化財や伝統的風習,中谷家文書 は,十分に周知されていないのが現状である.また,過疎高齢化等の要因により地域資料の継承が 困難となりつつある.同地区の歴史的価値を高め,かつ地域資料の継承を継続するためには,歴 史・文化の詳細と魅力を広く発信する事が必要である.本発表では,地域住民と連携して黒川地区 の歴史・文化を全国への周知・普及させる事を目指した取り組みについて紹介し,SNSを利用した地 域文化情報発信手法に関する考察を行う. In 2018,the presenters conducted a video production based on regional materials and a transmission project on SNS in the Kurokawa area of Noto-cho,Ishikawa Prefecture.The Kurokawa area is a village of Noto Tenryo, and there are many "regional materials"
more » ... egional materials" such as cultural assets such as the prefecture-designated cultural property Nakaya family residence and customs unique to Noto. Currently,local residents are using the Nakatani Family Housing for regional revitalization and exchange activities . However , cultural properties , traditional customs , and Nakatani Family documents are not well known.In addition,it is becoming difficult to pass on local data due to factors such as depopulation and aging.In order to increase the historical value of the district and continue the inheritance of local materials,it is necessary to disseminate the details and charms of history and culture widely.In this presentation,we will introduce the efforts aimed at disseminating and disseminating the history and culture of the Kurokawa district to the whole country in cooperation 情報知識学会誌 2019 Vol. 29, No. 4 -344 -
doi:10.2964/jsik_2019_050 fatcat:wf2dldiw5fhxhctdrtmsbd463m