Relative Clauses in Upper Necaxa Totonac: Local, Comparative, and Diachronic Perspectives

David Beck
2016 Linguistic Discovery  
Relativization strategies in the Totonacan family are largely undescribed, but detailed examination of one of the languages in the group, Upper Necaxa Totonac, reveals the presence of both externally-and internally-headed relative constructions. Also of note is the presence of relativizers that mark the animacy (human/non-human) of the head of the relative construction. This paper will show that, while phylogenetic evidence clearly demonstrates the relativizers to be descended diachronically
more » ... m interrogative pronouns, they are best treated synchronically as complementizers, an analysis that follows directly from the presence of internally-headed relative constructions.
doi:10.1349/ps1.1537-0852.a.469 fatcat:jfl4wgrk3naqrhcgtakngqhf4u