FEM Modelling and Experimental Research of Die Forging of Ni-Mo-Fe Alloy Antenna Components

M. Wojtaszek, P. Chyła, T. Śleboda, A. Łukaszek-Sołek, S. Bednarek
2012 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
FEM Modelling and Experimental Research of Die Forging of Ni-Mo-Fe Alloy Antenna Components This work was focused on the design of hot forging process for a selected element of Ni-Mo-Fe alloy. The research included numerical FEM simulation, testing in industrial conditions as well as laboratory tests. The numerical FEM simulation of hot forging of a selected forging was prepared and performed with application of QForm software. Next, the forging tests of the analyzed element were performed in
more » ... were performed in industrial conditions, with application of the parameters used in the numerical simulation. The selected properties of the obtained forging were determined. The metallographic examination was also performed, including microstructure observation as well as the analysis of fractures formed during impact testing of specimens. Chemical composition of the investigated alloy was also examined during SEM-EDS characterization. The results of investigations were compared with the data obtained from FEM simulation, in order to specify the forging process parameters. The research showed, that the parameters of forging of the analyzed alloy assumed in the FEM numerical analysis and then verified in industrial conditions, allowed to produce a good quality product with quite uniform microstructure within its volume. No signs of porosity or micro-shrinkages were observed in the obtained product, what signifies, that the selection of forging parameters for the investigated material allowed to eliminate the casting defects present in the volume of a feedstock. Ni-Mo-Fe alloy product showing the strength and plastic properties allowing its application for the components of antennas was obtained by hot forging.
doi:10.2478/v10172-012-0067-7 fatcat:2c7h6mn2sndopdd5r3775fe53y