Cognitive And Emotive Language

William A. Harriman
2017 Zenodo  
Cognitive Language is a way of communicating significant information. Words have cognitive meaning whey they convey information. Human capacity that we are all born that allows us to learn and use at least one communication system. The language is predominantly a function of the left hemisphere (Walton, 2014). But also the right hemisphere has a bit of language. One of the earliest things discovered about the brain were the speech centers: Broca's area and Wernicke's area, which is where
more » ... ea, which is where we understand the meaning of language, another important part is the angular rotation that serves as a connection between the language centers, the visual cortex and motor cortex. Emotive language is designed to elicit a strong emotional response. Words are chosen for the possible consequences for emotions, rather than simply as facts clearly. It is sometimes used to pass something as fact without facts to support the claim (Kazemifard, 2012, p 24)
doi:10.5281/zenodo.999367 fatcat:s5qow7fvcbg53bnnwxh7mhiucq