1912 Canadian Entomologist  
My acquaintance u'ith this "mrny'spotted ermine moth" lvas first made on June r z, r8g7, rvhen Nlr. Drvight Brainerd and I visited the entomologically farnoLrs Gomin Sivamp near Quebec city, under tire guidance of Rev. Dr. Iryles, in search of Grteis jztlla and otlter' Lepidoptera. In one particularly moist spot my e)re was attracted dou,urvards and observed a pair of these nloths in coitu' IIy first imprression rvas that they mtrst be a northern variety of Sli/osonta cungrua (anligone) n'ith
more » ... (anligone) n'ith the black spotiings exaggerated' The iemale rvas kept alive and laid a good supply of eggs u'irictr duly hatched' but throttgh iliness I was unable to attend to their needs' i\'r' Lymail afterwards took the nroths to Washington where Dr' Dyar determined them as E. printa SIosson. FigLrres of ttris sllecies are given in this magazine, Vol. XXXll, pl. a, figs. q .V ro. No furtl-rer .pecirrlen. came lny ivay till Jttne '1th, rgro' rvllen at Siralvbridge, QLre., in Laurentian NIts. about 4o miles north of N{ontreal I captured a battered specimen flying, or ratl-rer driven bl" the cold Iiigh rvind. It was founcl to be a female atld rvas therefore boxed for eggs, Three u'ere laid almost imme<iiately' Next da1" Jtrne 5th, a batch of 45 u'as deposited ; on the 6tl-t, z7 ; on the 7tt'" r r ; and otr the Sth,36. 'fotal r 22 eggs, all laid in da1'time and arranged in irregu)ar masses. l'he n.roth rvas then killed to Preserve \\'hat little' was left of it. In order to have a bettel challce of breeding the larvae I asked my friend N{r. Arthur Gibson of Ottau'a to tal<e half of the eggs, rvhich he kindly consentecl to do. !'or some reason his little larve r-efusedr both plantain and danrlelion, and of other foods offered they seiectedr apple, br-rt unfortunately soon died. I at otlce re-divided mine which were thriving on plantain and also gave abor.rt a dozen to NIr' Lyman who was just leaving on a trip to Europe. \Ye all sr'tcceeded in rearing the caterpillars to full grorvth and into pupa, X'[r. Lyman having considerable difficulty in obtaining a suppty of plantain leaves in the beautifully kepi lawns of England, btrt mine alone prodLrced moths' For various "rur", non" of us kept a complete record of all the stages but for the following imperfect record I am inciebted to both I,Ir. Gibson and 1\{r. Lyman for the notes they made n'hich have been included with my own. July, tr912
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