The sectoral academic institutions in the system of scientific support of animal husbandry in Ukraine of the 20th – beginning of the 21th century

I. Borodai
2019 Ìstorìâ nauki ì bìografìstika  
The purpose of the article is to highlight the stages of the formation and development of agricultural science on the basis of industry academic institutions of Ukraine, which carried out scientific and methodological guidance and coordination of scientific research, generalization of their scientific research taking into account the specifics of some sectors of the agricultural sector, in particular animal husbandry. The research methodology is based on the integrated use of general
more » ... general scientific, interdisciplinary and special historical methods, as well as a diverse base of sources, the basis of which are archival documents. The scientific novelty of the article consists in comparing the programs of activities and achievements of branch academic institutions for the needs of animal husbandry. The author first showed the influence of various organizational models of branch science on the effectiveness of scientific research on breeding, feeding and keeping of farm animals. It is proved that the organization of academic institutions has opened up real opportunities for finding optimal ways for the coexistence of agricultural research and higher professional education. At same time with a change in the organizational forms of sectoral academic science, research programs were revised. Under the auspices of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the field of livestock breeding, the problems of cattle crossbreeding, hybridization and acclimatization, breeding of new breeds and types were solved. On the basis of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the questions of improving of technologies for artificial insemination of livestock, developing the basics of balanced feeding and intensifying feed production were raised systematically. The southern branch of the Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences developed problems on the research of the selection effect, modeling animal selection for productivity, genetic analysis of herds, etc. It was shown that the most successful scientific research in the field of animal husbandry was carried out under the scientific and methodological guidance of the NAAS, reflected in the development of the fundamentals of biotechnology and preservation of the animal gene pool, intensive reproduction of the population and directed breeding of young animals, physiology of productivity growth, quality control of products and raw materials of animal origin, etc.
doi:10.31073/istnauka201903-09 fatcat:v6fhrx4zdnhbtaxxz3yq5ghi74