Stellar dynamics of low mass stars from the surface to the interior measured by CoRoT and Kepler

R.A. García, B. Dubrulle, C. Charbonnel, S. Mathis, A.S. Brun
2019 EAS Publications Series  
Continuous high-precision photometry of stars provided by space missions such as CoRoT, Kepler, and K2 represents a unique way to study stellar rotation and magnetism. The coupling of these studies of the surface dynamics with asteroseismology is changing our view to surface and internal dynamics. In this proceedings I will provide the latest developments in the understanding of surface and internal rotation and magnetic fields. I will also discuss the possible discovery of strong internal
more » ... trong internal magnetic fields of dynamo origin in the convective cores of stars above 1.2–1.4 solar masses. I will finish by providing constraints on gyrochronology laws for low-mass stars and put the Sun into context of its magnetism when compared to other solar-analog stars.
doi:10.1051/eas/1982020 fatcat:losrczpbwjd5fn5fn2jm2xbg4q